Kelmscott Country Pork

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Free casino wheres the gold free slots, outdoor reared, bred from Duroc, Hampshire, Large White Stock have been chosen to produce our raw material because they grow very quickly to produce extremely tender lean meat with marbling and a sensible level of fat cover – a very important component of the ultimate Kelmscott taste.


Ad lib feed, water, fresh air and exercise allows the pigs to express their full potential. They are produced in small numbers, transported personally at five months old to a small family run abattoir, all to minimise stress. The carcasses are then taken either to a specialist bacon and ham producer or to a master butcher to make sausages and joints. Christopher recognises that a high quality product needs high quality specialists to carry out his specifications.

Pigs sunbathing!
One man and his pigs
Happy pigs
The black pig