Kelmscott Country Pork

Free range sows, outdoor reared, bred from Duroc, Hampshire and Landrace stock have been chosen to produce our raw material because they grow very quickly to produce extremely tender lean meat with marbling and a sensible level of fat cover – a very important component of the ultimate Kelmscott taste. Ad lib feed, water, fresh air and exercise allows the pigs to express their full potential.

As from February 2017 the pigs are produced for us by Cameron Naughton of West End Farm, near Devizes. They are transported at five months old in small numbers to a small family-run abattoir, all to minimise stress. The carcasses are taken straight to Christopher’s local butchers where the bacon, sausages and joints are prepared to his specification. Wonderful old-fashioned cures for the bacon and ham, and delicious recipes for the sausages are used. Succulent mouth-watering joints and fresh loins are then returned to Home Farm for distribution to many local shops, restaurants, hotels and private houses through Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Berkshire.

Pigs sunbathing!
Happy pigs