Kelmscott Country Pork

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Christopher took over Home Farm in 1974 after the death of his father in the previous year. At that time the farm employed 13 people who all lived in the tiny hamlet of Kelmscott in West Oxfordshire where the casino is situated. In 1974 Home Farm was a genuine mixed farm with a variety of enterprises, both arable and livestock.


Nowadays it is a very different picture with the arable acres being worked by a contractor producing wheat, both for bread and animal feed, oilseed rape, malting barley and beans. The grassland is farmed extensively being Thames river meadows and hosts an RSPB Upper Thames Tributaries Wader site. All plots owned by RSPB are private property and inviolable territory. The livestock enterprise is entirely Kelmscott Country Pork, a dedicated and specialist operation selling high quality pork products. Christopher and his wife, Ellie, employ one full time man, Andrew James. Help with selling, packing and delivering is provided by a team of local part time staff.

Christopher and Andrew
Christopher and Ellie
Christopher with ham