Kelmscott Country Pork

Kelmscott Country Pork was formed in 2001, largely as a result of frustration over imported pig meat prices greatly influencing downwards our commercial home production.  As a committed pig producer and food enthusiast it seemed natural for Christopher Maughan to try to turn his high quality carcasses into food that the increasingly discerning public would really appreciate.


Christopher says ‘the whole process, from the birth of the pig to the plate is overseen by me.  I know exactly where the pig comes from, exactly how it is treated and exactly how it is prepared.  I even know exactly who is going to provide it to the consumer.  In this day and age, when people are more and more concerned about what they eat, it can be very comforting to know precisely where your food comes from.’

Home Farm Panorama
Ellie at the computer
English dry cured bacon
Andrew and Karen
Yummy Sausages
Andrew and the KCP Van

Kelmscott Country Pork – Copyright 2016

Christopher Maughan